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5 tips to keep your home warm!

1. Keep draughts out

When the weather is cold, even the smallest of draughts can cause the temperature inside the house to drop drastically. Draughts can come from underneath doors and around windows. Simply place a towel or blanket at the bottom of the door and tape along the edges of window panes with window draught excluder to stop pesky draughts entering through the glass.

2. Close the curtains

Not surprising, a lot of heat escapes from your home through the windows. To stop heat from being lost, close your curtains before darkness hits in the evening (which seems to be forever in Ireland!). 

3. Pop on some pipe lagging

Pipe lagging keeps the water inside your pipes hotter for longer and protects against the cold. It also makes your heating and hot water much more efficient. You can buy pipe lagging from any hardware shop and fit it in seconds. 

4. Put a rug down

Wooden floors and tiled floor may look lovely but they can also let heat escape from right under your feet. Putting down a warm rug will cover up the gaps and keep your toes toasty!

5. Bleed your radiators

Check that your radiators are heating to the top. If not, you'll have to learn how to bleed a radiator! The hot water can't rise because there is trapped air at the top. To release this trapped air, use a radiator bleed key (buy in any hardware shop) to open the little valve on the radiator. You’ll hear air hiss and as soon as you have a drop of water, close it up again. Energy-efficient radiators!

Also, move furniture away from radiators. The room arrangement may seem logical in a particular way but putting a sofa right in front of a radiator is an inefficient way of retaining heat. If the radiator is below a window, move the curtains out of the way.

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