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Home Heating Oil

Kerosene (Kero, Paraffin)

Kerosene is is the most common fuel for domestic heating as it burns very clean, especially important if you have an oil-fired stove. It maintains high heat for maximum economy. It is orange/red in colour.

Gas Oil (Green Diesel)

This is mainly used in older homes and where the boiler is located outside the house. Gas Oil is a diesel type fuel mainly used for industrial purposes, off-road vehicles and older home applications.

More Efficient Heating

There is usually a setting on boilers to burn either kero or gas oil and it will operate most efficiently if this guide is followed. However, most diesel burners will happily burn either, but not the other way around.

Security of Oil Tank

Tanklock is an Irish-made product that secures the lid of your oil tank to help protect against theft. We also supply a water-resistant padlock with it.

Tank Gauge

This is a two part device which shows you the level of oil in your tank. We fit one part to your oil tank and you plug in the other part in your utility room. Manufactured by Kingspan.

Replacing an Oil Tank

We can replace damaged oil tanks.

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